Mistress Lucy Khan – Popping Your Virgin Cherry W King Lexa

Duration: 10:35; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASIAN, FEMALE DOMINATION

Awwww, you pathetic little virgin–we can’t believe you’ve never had sex before! So you know what? You’ve made it this far to our bed so we’re going to take pity on you and give you a first time you’ll never forget. I know, you can’t believe your luck. A hot threesome with two perfect Asian Goddesses for your FIRST TIME? Wow, what a dream! And all you have to do is spread your legs and we’ll take care of the rest. What?? You thought you were going to fuck us?! LOL, yeah right–We would NEVER open our pussies for THAT! So that’s the deal, if you don’t want to be the 40-year old virgin, I suggest opening up that little hole for us ASAP. And we know you’re scared, but don’t worry, lots of people do this, but they just don’t talk about it. We’re going to show you exactly what we’re going to do to you–how we’re going to bend you over, open you up, and share you between us. All your friends are going to be so jealous, plus you’re so lucky to not have to worry about performance anxiety for the first time–we’re going to take care of everything. So enjoy your last moments as a virgin, loser–because King Lexa and I are about to strip you of your virginity and pop that cherry.

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