Mistress Lucy Khan – Giantess Pov- My Tiny Human Tweezers

Duration: 20:16; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASIAN, FEMALE DOMINATION

I’ve shrunk you down and your new home is My bathroom cabinet. Every morning, I use you in My very thorough hygiene routine so I hope you’re ready to work hard for Me. As I toward over your half inch frame, I make it very clear how disposable you are to Me–I literally wouldn’t feel a thing if I squashed you lol! But before I use you to clean up My mouth, pits, and pussy, I better make sure you’re sparkling clean yourself…so get naked and get ready for My giant drop of spit to completely soak you. That’s right, you’re going to wash yourself in My spit–how disgusting and hilarious! Once you’ve cleaned off with My saliva, I’m going to stuff you into My mouth and you’re going to be a living, breathing piece of floss for Me. I know it’s a hard job getting those little pieces of food out from between My giant teeth, but with nothing to eat besides what debris you collect from your job, I’m sure you’ll be highly motivated by your hunger to be extra thorough. After that, it’s on to My fragrant furry armpits, My pungent pussy, and My ass if you’re lucky! I suggest you get to work before I choose to cancel your existence once and for all…

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