Mistress Katya – Always beta Never Alpha

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Your “alpha” facade doesn’t fool Me. You have a life that most people would view as successful; you have a **** that loves you, a job you’re relatively good at, and a place to live that you call your own. But you feel such a deep void inside. You’re missing something from your life that you can’t explain- it’s something that most people wouldn’t understand, something people may even hate you for. But I understand. I know what you’re missing. Deep down, your life overwhelms you. You weren’t meant for this amount of stress. You’re a BETA. You were meant to be owned. What you’re missing is a superior to guide you, to command you, to Coerce you to your knees and to turn you into what She wants. Face it, little beta. You’re over your vanilla life. You crave a more exciting flavor. You crave Me, My power, My seduction. You need Me. You were made for Me. You were made to serve an Alpha. To do as She wants, to please Her, to worship her. Give in to Me and give it up to a REAL ALPHA.

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