MissTiff – The Alpha Couple

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You are alone, close to a bed or sofa, stand up, already topless but with sexy slips. You wear high heels during the whole clip (visible when you stand-up). “Hallo, cucky! Are you ready to watch a real Alpha man to fuck a hot sexy girl? Of course you can only watch, because you are a loser, a fatty boy, a beta male. You are disgusting. Very disgusting. I’m the opposite of you, I’m very nice and hot. Admire my fabulous tits [you embrace your tits], mhhh [show your tongue, to mock me that I want to lick them, but I cannot]. Now watch my round ass. Fantastic, ins’t it? [you massage it]. Memorize it well, because for the rest it will be for my Alpha Man, who deserve it…”. You can shake it adding a middle finger on it. Your BBC boyfriend can arrive, stay behind you and begin to massage sweetly your tits. You are happy. He continues to massage, more possessive. You show me both middle fingers. He is enjoying some nipple play, and you smile at me, maintaining both middle fingers and commenting “fuck you wrankler, Mr. Alpha wins, you lose, beta!!! You are a loser. You are an asshole”. You stop middle fingering and you laugh at me. You can spit to me, if you want. After tits warm-up, the BBC is ready for a blow-job. You stay on your knees, admiring it. “A Big Black Cock, the best of the best. The dream of every girl. You cucky have to admire it also. This BBC is for me, not for you.” You can begin. While moving your head on it, show continuously, yes, the middle finger! I’ve have the middle finger fetish…After a while, you boyfriend takes you hair and helps you movement with one hand, using the second one to flip me off. Both happy of sex games, both showing middle finger to me. You can now stop. He goes behind you again, you change to 90 degrees, arms on the bed (or sofa), face closer to me. “Watch and suffer, fat pig. Athletic men with big cocks can satisfy women, not disgusting drooling pigs like you. Oh, HE is inside me…Oh Ih…Fuck you, loser. Ah, what a MAN. Cucky, you are really a BUCO DEL CULO (asshole in Italian)”. Again you add a middle finger to the scene. You boyfriend can, if he wants to, spend also a word to humiliate me, flipping me off again. The sex scene can continue for your happiness, he can massage your tits again. You can stop middle fingering. If it is OK for you both, he can softly you for a while. “Yes master!”. Going back to safe sex, you speak again. “We will finish without you, idiot.” You detach and you stay close to the hard rock dick again. “Say good-bye to it. He has to finish his mission. I promise you it will be an happy end. But without drooling pigs watching. Bye bye, piece of loser”. Middle fingers of both, you kiss your one to close the clip. END

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