Miss Veronica, Princess Tiffani – Slave Panhandlers

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We have decided what We want to do with all you losers that write to Us and desperately want to “serve” us, but you are broke and/or live like a million miles away from Us. We wanted to find some way that we could USE you and make you useful for OUR lives. So here is what we are going to do. You know how you see homeless people on streetcorners and standing on offramps on the highway begging for money? Well, we want YOU to do that! In fact, we want to start an EMPIRE of losers that all stand out in the heat and the cold and the rain and snow for their GODDESSES, all BEGGING for change and looking pathetic- just so they can send ALL their collections for the day to US!! Isn’t that a GREAT plan?? All you need is a cardboard box anyways. (To live in, of course.) And we will even let you keep the first dollar you make each day so you can go to and order ONE hamburger- and that is ALL you are going to eat all day! Just enough to keep you alive so you can keep working for Us, basically. 100% of the rest of that money better be sent ALL to US so We can make a TON of money without lifting a finger while YOU do all the humiliating “work” of begging strangers for money…just so you can send it all to your GODDESSES! Oh, and We are SOOO going to laugh at you and mock you too every time We get more money from you. But you will still keep standing out on that streetcorner for Us day & night and sending us your “earnings”, wont you? LOL!

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