Miss Tiff – Mommy Knows Best

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You over heard your daughter (who’s basically a younger doppelganger for yourself) had turn down a foreign classmate’s advances and you decide to educate her on her and your place in life as complete whores and sluts for interracial cock. How these cocks are completely superior to both of you and there’s nothing you can do to resist them. Anything they ask of you, no matter how nasty or degrading, you both will desperately, completely willing and enthusiastically do. Instruct your daughter to call her classmate up, beg for forgiveness and offer herself along with yourself up as reparations and suggest incredibly humiliating things for him to get even with your daughter with. Call her a loser and bully her while you get naked and play with yourself as you fantasize about what this classmates going to do to dominate both of you.

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