Miss Ruby Grey – Youre Not Supposed to Be Here

Duration: 21:21s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

You shouldn’t be here, but that’s what makes it hot. You’re supposed to be in bed with your wife, or maybe getting some work done… but here you are. You can’t go a day without femdom porn. You can’t go a day without needing your dick controlled by a young, superior Goddess. It feels so much better to edge yourself into oblivion for me than try and have sex with her. It feels so much better sneaking around for me, jerking off when you’re “not supposed to be”. Follow my jerk off instructions as I tease you with different fantasies (imagining your dick gliding between my tits, imagining smothering your face with my pussy, using my hand to stroke you while looking into my eyes, etc) and feel yourself grow weaker and weaker for me.

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