Miss Ruby Grey – Natural Born Cocksucker

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You are radiant and wearing red lipstick, you want to talk to me about my obsession with cock sucking. You know I love the idea of lipstick wrapped around a cock and you bust me because I want the lipstick on me and the cock in my mouth. You make me admit that I love a Cocksucker POV. You see me getting hard when you talk about cock sucking. Why? Is it a dream of mine? A fantasy? Maybe I’ve actually done it. Yes, yes, yes! You’re not surprised, you bet I love cum shooting down the back of my throat too. You demand to know more. You have questions, it’s the foundation of our relationship! What do I love about sucking cock? How many cocks have I sucked? 25, 50 a 100? You abuse me for it. How much do I love cum? Why is my dick so hard right now? Am I wishing I was guzzling some cum? I am. You’re disgusted but also happy for me, I’m better off as a Faggot, we both know that. You want me to suck more cock, swallow more cum, a lot more cum. You continue humiliating me because I love, love being called a Cock Sucking Faggot. You look down, I’m so hard, leaking. When I suck cock what is my favorite position? On my knees? My head upside down on a bed, getting face fucked? Drowning in my own spit? I confess yes, yes, yes, all of it. Cum Guzzling Faggot. A Cocksucker POV life for me. You make me cum admitting that any view that includes a cock in my mouth is my favorite POV. A Natural Born Cocksucker.

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