Miss Ruby Grey – Late Night Edging

Duration: 19:9s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION

It’s that time again – when your partner is in bed and all you can think about is fucking your fisst on my commands. I love teasing you about the lack of sex you have; and how your sex life has turned into being used by Me. Especially late at night, when you’re supposed to be in bed with your partner. But, instead, you’re here with me, stroking yourself stupid as I tease and edge you. You’ll find yourself unable to think about anything else aside from stroking while being captivated by My beauty and charm. Stroke on my command and melt as My sensual dominance consumes you. No one else controls your cock the way I do. You can’t stay away. My face, my perky tits, my bouncy ass – good luck lasting! Being controlled by me is better than any sex you’ve ever, and will ever, have.

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