Mind Under Master – Natalie Knight – Cam Girl

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When Natalie turned 18 years old, she just wanted to make some quick cash and when a wealthy man asked her to be his personal, private cam girl it was the easiest money she ever made. At first he would just pay her to talk with him for hours every night, but little by little he’d ask for more. Wearing clothes he bought her, playing with herself for him, sucking on a dildo…and each time Natalie pushed herself a little further to make him happy until he asked her to do the unthinkable. He wants her to seduce and fuck her stepdad. If she doesn’t he’ll release the footage of what they’ve been doing. — One night while her mom is out with friends, she sets up some hidden cameras and makes her move, but her stepdad resists. Not knowing what else to do, she confesses everything and begs her stepdad to do this for her. He doesn’t need to fuck her, just a HANDJOB…just this one time and no one will ever need to know. With her little hand rubbing his hard cock, he finds it difficult to say no…just this one time. She stroked him and calls him daddy as he can’t help but grab her firm ass as he cums. But that was just the start. — The man demands they make more videos so before her mom comes home from work she shoots a BEAUTIFUL AGONY video of her stepdad going down on her. — His last demand is for them to fuck while her mom is in bed. Wearing slutty school girl uniform she nervously waits until her stepdad comes down stairs. Awkward at first, their kissing becomes more and more passionate. She starts giving him a BLOWJOB and he grabs the camera to give the man a POV shot. He can’t take it anymore and has her lay back on the sofa looking up into camera as he enters his own stepdad MISSIONARY style. Her little legs in the air, she holds on to her daddy trying her best not to moan out, but its so good she finds herself begging for daddy to fuck her harder. He tells her to stay quiet as he grabs the camera for more POV. He fucks his stepdaughter and she puts his hand around her throat to stay quiet and he does, taking out his aggression on her pussy. He’s being made to fuck his own stepdaughter and he loves it. She climbs on top of him riding him COWGIRL and REVERSE COWGIRL before they hear a noise…is her mom up? Should they stop? Neither of them wants this to end and he has her look into camera while he fucks her DOGGIE style. Finally he records her POV style as she sucks and strokes him, begging for his cum. She lovingly reassures him that he had no choice and its okay to cum for his good girl. But he tries to hold back as long as he can not wanting it to end, secretly hoping the man demands they make more and more videos.

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