Mind Under Master – Gia DiMarco and Chad Alva – Love Bear

Duration: 31:22; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: XXX HARDCORE

Gia is baffled why her ex-boyfriend, Chad Alva, bought her a giant teddy bear. He says it’s a love bear and that you’re suppose to give it to someone you love. “And I still love you”. This is exactly why Gia broke up with him in the first place, he’s just so needy. “But just look at him, isn’t it cute?” Gia takes a close look and realizes, yeah it is kind of cute. “We were a really good couple” Chad tells her and she finds herself repeating “We were a really good couple”. “We had great sex”…”we had great sex”. “We should get back together”…”We should get back together”. Chad is so excited to hear her words that he instantly offers to go down on her while she lays back and continues to stare into the bear’s eyes. Soon, Chad is realizing the Gia is doing everything he says, she cocking his cock like a whore and letting him fuck her face. She never used to let him do that. He pounds her and makes her beg for permission to cum. He makes her apologize for breaking up with him and then he tells her to get on her knees so he can cum all over her face. After he’s done, he tells her to go make dinner and she happily runs off to the kitchen. “You really are a love bear Chad says staring into the eyes of the stuffed toy.

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