Mikayla Bayliss – Loser Therapy

Duration: 10:30; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

I do a lot of hyp.n0 therapy for men like you so sit back and relax. Let me take complete control and before you know it your cock will be as hard as a rock for me! Honestly, I just brought you here to taunt and tease you. The truth is I get what I want and I want you to be a mindless little drone. I don’t care about you and your sad pathetic limp dick. From here on out the only thing that is going to get you hard is paying me money. The more you pay the harder your dick will get, believe me and go try it! Get spending loser! That’s right, I never had any intention of helping you. I just wanted to use you for my own amusement and financial gain! Now fuck off loser!

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