Mesmerized to Moo: Shy Nerd to Hucow 1080p – Kitty Leroux

Duration: 15:19; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BBW, VIRTUAL SEX

Your over at your nerdy best friend’s house study together and she will NOT stop huffing. She denies anything is wrong until she can’t take it anymore. She’s upset because she saw a picture on your Twitter of you and Ashley at a club last night- ah yes, Ashley: amazing curves, skimpy clothes. “This could ruin your reputation!” You tell your friend that she’d look good in clothes like that, to which she jumps to throw on a baggy sweatshirt over her already un-revealing clothing. “Someone like me can’t wear clothes like that!” You wonder why and she reveals that some guys in front of her programming class called her a cow. It’s the worst! Cows just ..stand around..mooing and making milk.” You’re trying to be there for your friend, but all of the sudden cannot stop thinking about breeding her and turning her into your hucow. She has the huge tits, the huge ass…she just needs your seed. You leave and when you return you hand her a mirror. “This isn’t one of those “Interventions” is it? Even if you tell me I’m pretty, I’m not going to the club with you.” She stares deeply into the mirror and only sees herself..until you activate it. It’s really a device to mesmerize her. “It’s so pretty…but maybe you should go, I have some studying to moo.” She slowly falls deeper and deeper into the mindset of a hucow. You have her repeat: “I…Am…A…Cow” At first she tells you, “That’s not nice!”, but soon, she excitedly shrieks, “I’m a cow! I’m your cow?” Some very silly things happen while the suggesting is happening, but the more she says “moo” the harder your dick gets. You give her an outfit even skimpier than Ashley would wear to the club and when she comes back wearing it…you can barely contain yourself. “If moo doesn’t want an education anymore..what does moo want?” …MILK! She agrees that her huge tits can’t be udders without milk, and quickly begins BEGGING you to breed her to give her udders. By the time you are done with her, your cum is flowing out of her pussy in an amazing creampie and she doesn’t want to change out of the outfit for the club, asking if you’ll breed her there too!

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