Melody Lynn – Melody Heat Wave

Duration: 13:08; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: XXX HARDCORE

Talk about HOT fun in the summertime!!! Melody is doing her regular, normal, daily workout…..when she realizes that it is SO HOT….that she decides to take her shirt off. Seems like a normal, innocent thing to do……until she realizes that her stupid, hormone crazy asshole Step-Brother Peter is gaga over her exposed breasts!!! Melody is disgusted that her maggot little Step-Brother is turned on by her boobs…but she decides to take advantage of the situation!! Melody tells Peter that if he will take her turn at doing the dishes that night…she will let him take a poke at her!! Peter eagerly agrees to the deal…..and licks and fucks his large breasted Step-Sister for all she’s worth!! Melody avoids the dirty dishes…but has to deal with her own Step-Brother’s semen. Oh well….life is full of compromise…..especially during A Heat Wave!!!

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