Mazy Myers – Mazys Holes Are Ready

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Mommy son taboo roleplay, SPE, lots of useage of “small dick/cock”, virtual pov implied handjob/blowjob/sex, accidental impregnation [there is a very short scene at the end where I show my pregnant belly] //You’re sat on your bed whilst Mommy is cleaning, when she notices you with your hands down your pants again. She tells you that its not appropriate to be touching yourself whenever and wherever you feel like! Luckily for you, you have a lovely Mommy who is willing to help show you how to deal with your little boners. Mommy sits down next to you on the bed and asks to see your cock. She thinks it’s so cute and little. She wraps her hand around your little dick and shows you how to stroke it up and down. She explains how eventually it will feel really good and like you’re going to explode. Whilst teaching you, Mommy finds herself getting turned on.. and tells you there are more ways to make your little cock feel good. She gets down to your pants and starts licking and sucking your tiny cock. You can’t believe your Mommy is sucking on your dick. She loves it so much that she starts to take her clothes off, exposing her huge Mommy tits. They’re so big and bouncy. She climbs on top of you and tells you your little cock is going to go inside of Mommy and it will feel really good. She sits on you, riding your cock and moaning. You’re a real big boy now. It might feel a bit wrong, but no one will fuck you like Mommy. You’re such a good boy for Mommy holding out this long. You get on top of her and slide your cock inside. You watch her big breasts bouncing as you thrust your tiny dick inside of her. You start to feel like you can’t hold it any longer and she begs for you to cum whilst you’re inside of her wet warm pussy. You release a huge load deep in her pussy and Mommy is really surprised to feel it pouring out of her. She looks a bit worried but reassures you it will be ok. Fast forward to 4 months later.. Mommy comes into your room and asks to talk to you.. she lifts her dress to reveal her pregnant belly. Looks like your big boy cum got Mommy pregnant after all.

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