Marceline Leigh – Fine Dining Four Course CEI

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Welcome to your high class cum consumption session. I will be your hostess for this evening and I will be walking you through this extravagant cum dinner. Before we begin, you must look the part, so I have prepared this outfit for you. Go on, put it on, along with your heels. Ah, now you look like a proper sissy. To begin this meal, we first have the appetizer. The appetizer is quite special because you will be getting it straight from the source. That’s right, you will be sucking off our male helper. Just look how hard he is, how the tip of his dick is already glistening with precum. He also has a very special ability. He can cum multiple times in a row with each load being just as big, if not bigger, than the previous one. You’re going to swallow the first load, but we are going to do something special with the subsequent loads. Don’t worry, it will all be in your stomach before it’s all over with. Then, after a glass of our best cum, it’s on to the main course! Cum clams! For this part of the meal I want you to tip your head back and stick your tongue out as I slowly pour the cum clams into your mouth. Let the taste of them stimulate your taste buds as you swish them around before letting them glide down your throat. Delicious, aren’t they. And I can tell you want even more. My my, you sure are a greedy cum slut. It seems as if your appetite for cum is absolutely insatiable. Now for dessert we have strawberries dipped in fresh cum. I will also be feeding these to you. Now, your belly is absolutely filled and engorged with the cum of other men, but we still have one last course. By now I know you are completely hard. You have never been so turned on before. You cock is pressed up hard against your sexy lingerie, soaking it in precum. It’s time for you to taste your own cum. So, you finally get to jerk off, with my instruction, of course. However, seeing as you are a guest here, we cannot have your cum on any of our dining ware. But, I know the perfect place for you to shoot your load and then suck it out of. And I know it is going to be an absolutely huge load. **this was a custom video, message me to get your own**

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