Marceline Leigh – Crossdressing Is Hot

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Want to know something I really, really like? Something that I find incredibly hot? It’s crossdressing! There’s something about a man willfully giving up his masculinity in order to be more feminine that I really love. Not to mention how great makeup looks on masculine features or seeing the crotch bulge beneath a sexy, tight dress or lingerie. And as you can see from the items that I have right here, I want you to crossdress for me. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? I even picked out this beautiful one piece for you. I bet the satin will feel great against your skin. And look how it unsnaps at the crotch area. Maybe we’ll find a good use for that feature later. But for now, strip down for me and put this on. That looks great on you! But I’m not even close to being done with you. Now it’s time for the makeup. Setting powder, contour, smoky eyes, red lips, I’m going to completely doll you up! …You look absolutely amazing and so, so hot. And for the final touch, a sultry red wig. You look like an absolute fox. My red headed bombshell. Now that you’re all dolled up for me, there’s something else I want you to do. You see, as much as I love seeing a man crossdressing, I love fucking a man who is crossdressing even more. And I mean just that, I want to be the one to fuck you. I’m going to go grab my strap on now, you get ready for it. Hehe, see this big cock? I’m going to see if you’re a natural dick sucker like you are a natural crossdresser. Let’s see just how much more feminine you can get. I want you to run your pretty mouth up and down the length of my cock. Coat it in your sexy red lipstick. It’s okay if the lipstick smears. It’s even okay if your pretty smoky eye makeup smears when you tear up from having every single inch of my dick down your throat. Seeing you suck dick like this makes me want to take this dick and pound your tight little asshole with it. While you keep on sucking, I want you to use your fingers to loosen your hole up. One finger, two fingers, three fingers. My dick is huge, so you’ll need to be prepped, just like that. Now, it’s time for what I have been wanting to do all along. To fuck you in the ass while you’re all sissied up. You’re a natural crossdresser. You’re a natural slut. Just look at how hard your dick is from all this. And I’ll be nice. Since you’ve been taking this so well I’ll jerk you off while I fuck you. But, when you cum, I want it to shoot all over your own face. Mix in with all the pretty makeup. And I know you’ll be able to do it. After all, with how turned on you are from being my pretty, crossdressing slut, I bet this will be the biggest load you’ve ever produced.

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