Make Me Feel hurt me – Emma Choice

Duration: 16:42 ; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

You stumble in on your emotional partner. She claims there’s nothing wrong, but quickly falls to pieces. She’s crying and begging for you to do something. Make her forget these feelings, make her feel something more. Make her forget she ever felt this way at all. You think you know what she wants… but how can you be sure? You begin to slap her, tightening you hand around her neck, staring right into her eyes as you inflict pain. You bend her over and spank her again and again. She strips down for you and gags and struggle for air on your cock until her makeup is obliterated and tears have streamed down her face. It still isn’t enough, you shove her panties in her mouth and fuck her until she can’t take it anymore. All you can hope is that you really did make her feel.

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