Madame Jade Paris – Trance Romance

Duration: 27:31; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION

Trance Romance – Femdom MindCOCKcontrol Mind numbing induction, multilayers of My voice, ambient sounds and binaural arousal beat, subliminal mind programming, misdirection, progressive relaxation, countdown and of course My image. Femdom, Erotic mesmerize at its very finest. Relax and focus as you sink into nothingness. Get ready for what is to cum… Focus on My words as you become mindless as all the tension in your body disappears. I will take you deeper with each and every breath you take. You will be My obedient fucktoy. I will seduce you with a romantic trance. Feeling your body becoming totally and completely relaxed. A deep trance. There’s nothing else you need. I want you to become completely, utterly, focused on Me. Obey Me before you even think. My commands will drop you easily. I’m going to put you into a deep state and then program you…making you Mine only. Your owner can drop you into this trance romance with ease. Submissive and suggestible, you love the pleasure it brings you… obey your Mistress as she reprograms your thinking. DROP! You have no more reason to think…your head will be clear of all thoughts as you hand them over to Me. Now reach down and touch your cock for your Mistress as you become mechanical and mindless. Empty and obedient bliss. As you go around that corner, you want to obey … the crystal sky opens up and your Mistress falls into your mind, dancing on your subconscious … Gentle waves of My energy penetrate though your body. My addicted puppet…your cock is so hard as you sink into trance. So intense as the pleasure and pressure keep growing…you are on the edge until I give you the command. There are only two parts to your mind… Are you ready? Worship Goddess xoxoxo MJP.

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