Madam Violet – Trained Triggered Anchored OWNED

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A must have for your collection in the same vein as Waking Trance Seduction. It’s incredibly important you are able to go DEEP down for Me even when your eyes are open. Hy pnos is is a skill, a creative talent that one can hone and perfect. Together we will ensure that you are a good boy, an obedient trance slut, an eager Madam Violet rest puppet that SLIDES down whenever select words DRIP from My RED lips.

To fully enjoy and immerse yourself in My files you must have am certain level of sophistication, intellect, you must be able to let go into the unknown and allow My words, My beautiful smile to take you wherever I wish and you keep you there as long as I wish. Forty minutes of delicious femdom mesmerising erotic mind control from the best in the business.

I get your pussy-mind so fucking WET for Me, if gapes for Me in just the way I’ve trained it to. I use anchoring, trigger words and phrases, fractionation and of course those cock-twitching snaps to ensure that WHENEVER I say the particular phrase *this* state of empty minded, full, hard cock, open gaping mouth and pussy-mind, This state of instant obedience and mind-fucked ecstasy takes over.

If you watch this file several I will be able to have INSTANT and ABSOLUTE control over you. Over the phone, over text, DM, and of course in every subsequent file…After intensive training it’s time for your cum reward! But it’s not going to be easy, I want to test the new triggers I’ve given you. So it’s take to WAKE UP NOW! Back in room and then SNAP I drop you down and down. So much deeper than before, they work like a charm!!

I stretch out your orgasm even more, I honestly don’t think I you’ll make it until the end without Cuming everywhere, I really tease that cock HARD. But you’ll have plenty of goes practicing!

Breath-taking mental control, intense eroticism, absolute power, a slow cum build up, an agonizingly blissful orgasm…you’ve been Anchored Triggered Trained.

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