Madam Violet – Michelin Starred Meal

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It’s a psychological fact that the more expensive an item is the more it’s valued…the more expensive a delicacy is, the tastier it becomes. Tonight you will be eating the food of Kings. I’m heading out to dinner, and you will be paying…not for Mine, for yours. I like to know you’re full and satisfied before I leave you. So I’ll be feeding you a truly spectacular meal with the freshest of ingredients imbued and infused with the most delectable flavours. Slowly marinated, lovingly tended to, painstakingly prepared, delivered fresh straight from oven to mouth. A culinary masterpiece, a Michelin starred meal. Youre laying on the floor naked, stroking your cock, becoming dumber with every stroke, as you watch My perfect ass in My jeans, My perfect tits, the mesmerising way I move, you STARE and STROKE. The CUM that I produce from your cock is so DELICIOUS, because it comes from ME. My beauty enhances the flavour, and will really begin to feel a compulsion, and addiction to the unique and expensive flavour. My pussy is SO wet and juicy as I tease all that CUM into your balls. I’m so fucking horny and you’re so fucking desperate you can barely hold on….but you will OBEY! I’m he chef, I’m in charge, I know when this tasty delicacy is ready to be served. You lie on back and open your mouth, lick your lips and get ready to receive, expensive, exclusive, addictive, I count you down slowly…the best most expensive mouthful of your life!

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