Madam Violet – Endless VIOLET Ass Trance

Duration: 24:42; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Bitch…prepare to be fucked good and proper. A trance JOI, edging endlessly and looping perpetually. Designed to be played on a loop with no beginning and end. My irresistible voice layered with a voice track for your left ear and one for your right as well as binaural tones… Oh…and My GLORIOUS ass. First wrapped in TIGHT shiny holographic purple, then naked, My knickers disappearing in My crack…until I spread My cheeks wide apart and you DROP into My ass, fall DOWN the crack as you GOON all your brains out of your dick, stuck in a timeless, endless mindfucking masturbation marathon. You must listen at least three times. That’s over ONE HOUR of My sexy bottom, red nails and dangerous voice. Ideally you stayed fucked in the loop for HOURS. There is no cum trigger, no wake trigger. You will keep going until you cum spontaneously – or black out! Repeated SNAPS and commands to DROP and S.

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