Madam Violet – Cum Into Reality

Duration: 22:45; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Stroking whilst under the influence of Me is the high you will always chase. I have carved out your psyche with My words, I have enchained your dick with My body, you belong to Me and it feels so good to belong to Me feel so good to be My Hy pno slave, to look up at Me as you watch Me effortlessly control your mind and body. Your conscious mind once again under My lock and key. STROKE as I manipulate your subconscious reaffirming the truth, that SPREAD OPEN wide before Me is where you will always crave to be. A classic eye fixation induction, for all My mesmerise slaves. Just watch the pendant and listen to My words. My innate sensuality and the power that resonates disarms you, combined with My natural ability to talk My way deep into your mind and take it all the way down and down. It’s so natural now, The way you let Me in, surrendering without even thinking about it no more thoughts just the bliss of surrender. I program your mind so that when you CUM your subconscious knows it is also cumming into your new reality, you will CUM FULLY into the knowing that you will forever give your mind to Me, your body to Me. You will CUM to the full realisation that nothing and no one will ever feel this perfect. The sound of My fingers dragging up My boots, it’s like I’m right there in the room with you, the sound of the SNAP right there inside your head, consuming your every sense. It’s so real, the power I wield, no doubt that you are forever Mine..

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