LucySpanks – The Importance of Chastity

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fans of chastity, keyholding, blondes, shiney leather pants, belly buttons, humiliation, feet and bras- come get your juice! Its 2021 so i dont know why on earth I have to tell you to lock your little clitty up but here we are… listen up and listen good. it isnt socially acceptable to have that piece of flesh free to flop around your pants. Chastity is important for many reasons, but I love it because it allows me to train you into the perfect little bitch, with long term chastity you are going to grow weaker and weaker and weaker every day while my power grows. those little shrimps are so repulsive, society was wrong to lie to you and say that they are valid or important. they are unnecessary and quite insulting. if youve been considering chastity, or shying away from it, i encourage you to watch this video and start to re frame your mind and way of life. the jerking addiction is not good, and it doesnt help anyone. not even you. and youre much more useful in other ways. your pleasure will start to come in other ways, not involving that gross dick. you will find so much more pleasure in your submission and service, pleasing Me will be the top priority, as it should be. you will find pleasures in other areas too, like your backdoor… If youre lucky i will allow it!!! MEN DONT DESERVE TO CUM. cry in your cage little bitch, be a better slave and earn your release. Femdoms like Me are doing a service to society by locking up these vile limbs. stop serving yourself, and start serving your domme. Lock. it. up.

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