Losers Get Feet – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 06:41; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: FEET - FOOT FETISH, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

How could you possibly be so absolutely lame. From your head to your toes you ooze failure. Its no wonder every woman turns you down. Pathetic losers like you don’t deserve tits or ass, let alone pussy. Seriously, we both know you were born a inferior beta bitch and finally your understanding your place on this earth. Beneath your queens feet. Let me rest my beautiful black patent leather heels in front of you as you stare and drool. Can you possibly handle your impulses as I remove them and tease you with the perfect scent of my feet and worn shoes. I see you shaking waiting for my permission. Don’t worry your goddess loves to see the power I have over you so go ahead, pull out your worthless fuck stick. Stroke it to my soft soles. Let your balls fill to my perfect high arches. Let yourself shake for me and finally experience release, but ONLY when I instruct you.

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