Loser Reject Staycation 720p – Goddess Venus

Duration: 08:38; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION

Imagine a velvet rope outside a hot nightclub and a trail of hot alpha people like me and my friends going in. You follow us, and the door gets SLAMMED right in your loser face. We look out at you from inside and laugh. That’s what watching this clip is like, loser! You’re going to hear me laugh at how you’re alone, sad, by yourself — stroking and playing with yourself like a panty freak reject — while I’m off in Miami this week, hanging out at the beach with my hot friends, drinking expensive Having fun, and partying, You know, things that well-adjusted winners in life born with the right looks, right bodies, right personalities get to do. Happy loser staycation, loser!

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