LongHairLuna – Schoolgirl Makes Nerd Cum

Duration: 20:6s; Quality: 1440x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

We’re high school students. I am a very posh queen bee and you’re a shockingly well hung nerd. Class is dismissed, I stand up and bend over to load my books into my bag and intentionally flash you. I make a show of it, unsubtly glancing at you to make sure you’re seeing it. I turn around and accuse you of looking up my skirt with mock outrage but I’m actually a bit turned on. I say that I will tell the whole school, unless you make it up to me by getting naked for me and jerking off this instant. Little do you know, this plan to get you naked, is just part of the fun. At the end I’ll steal your clothes and make you run. Don’t worry, from what I’ve seen you’ll be very popular after today.

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