Lissie Belle – A Favor For Mom Lissiebelle

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Mom is having a hard time paying her bills, you realize this is exactly the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, so you offer to give her some money in exchange for some compensation… the deal is if she gives you a BJ with a mouth cum-shot and swallow then you will give her the money she needs. shes hesitant but really needs to pay some bills, so she agrees and you enjoy your BJ and give your mom and nice big load to swallow. a few days later she comes to you with her robe half open saying she needs to pay more bills and even tho shes very embarrassed about asking this she offers the same deal as last time, you agree but you wanna take it up a notch… you want to fuck her this time! shes very hesitant again but in the end agrees, so you fuck your mom and give her another yummy load to swallow! further down in the week mom is taking a shower and you barge in to interrupt her, she gets slightly upset for you interrupting her privacy and she tells you whatever it is it can wait till after shes down with her shower. when she comes out you confess to her that how much you enjoyed having sex with her and that you want to do it again. she says she also enjoyed it but that doesn’t mean she will do it for free! this time the tables are turned! so mom asks for more money not because she needs it but because she wants to treat herself, and of course not only do you agree but you offer her double the money! only thing you ask is for her to let you record the action! her smile lights up when you say double the money and the towel drops as she says takes you to the bedroom.

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