Lindsey Leigh – Boyfriend gets violated

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I have been texting you all day. I sent you numerous nude selfies and even a voice note of me moaning. You never replied!! Then you come home and say you were busy?! I hate you, you’re a liar. You weren’t too busy you couldn’t respond to me. I am sick of coming after your work. You always come home tired and ignore me all day! I am going to leave you. You wouldn’t like that would you? Well there is only one way I am going to stay. You need to wear this cock ring and anal beads whenever you are away from me. This ring prevents erections (should you be seeing other ladies) and the anal beads keep you remembering me all day! Whenever you sit, whenever you walk, whenever you piss, you will think of me. That way I can ensure a text back. Don’t fuck with me honey or I will take your manhood from you so quickly you can’t even stand alone any longer!

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