Lilcanadiangirl – Little Dick Makes Me Squirt

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I know your secret… you have a small dick. Since you already know I am a size queen, let’s see if you can make me squirt. That means you get to fuck me. Now get it out, I want to see how small it really is. Wow, I suppose I could suck it to see if it gets any bigger. It doesn’t really get any bigger than this. Now hurry up and fuck me, I bet I won’t even feel it inside me. To my surprise, I can actually feel it penetrating me.. How can I feel your tiny dick? You fuck me and I start moaning… But your dick is too small for me how can you make me moan? All of a sudden I start squirting! This is impossible! I can’t believe your dick is making me squirt. Some how it feels good when you fuck me. Theres no way your little dick can make me squirt again. But it does! I squirt a few more times until you finally make me cum. I guess I enjoyed your little dick.. You did a good job of making me squirt and cum.

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