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This is the day you finish being a man and become my hopeless, little addict. You’re so horny for me, you are waiting for those special words to PUMP, STROKE, GOON for me. Aren’t you? I know how attracted you are to me, how I make those balls ache with desire, how desperate you are to worship and to obey my every command. I make every fibre of your being tremble with ultimate desire. Your cock feeds from my goddess energy. I enhance your craving to goon into oblivion. Your heart is starting to beat faster and faster. Listen to those orgasmic moans in the background, watch every sway of those curves in my expensive Honey Birdette lingerie, feel your Goddess entice you to eventually release an explosion of orgasmic bliss. Please me whilst pleasing yourself. I own every single orgasm of yours. Those orgasms cum at cost.

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