Lewdestbunnie – Big Bro Has a Tiny Dick Taboo Sph

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Your bratty little sis comes home from the mall in a very smug mood saying she knows a secret about you. In the car her friend’s older sister’s friend talked about the worst hookup ever, where some guy had a dick so small it was laughable. She says that guy was YOU! She tells you all about how she heard your dick was too small to deepthroat and the girl couldn’t even feel you inside her. Your little sister is such a brat though, the whole time she tells the story she’s holding the pinky up like it’s your dick, sucking on it mockingly and totally humiliating you with her impressions. Then she says she has an idea and runs away. You consider leaving, but something about your little sis teasing you about your dick is actually turning you on? She even calls you out on that when she returns, but she says she wouldn’t know if you were turned on cause she wouldn’t be able to see your boner. The reason she left was to get a dildo, to show you what a “real dick” is supposed to look like. She takes pity on you and shows you what it looks like when a girl deepthroats a “real dick” and she even fucks herself with it and cums for you, but of course all while saying how pathetic it is that the only girl her big bro would ever see getting pleasure from a nice big cock is his little sister ♥︎

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