Legendarylootz – 25 Ann Proves a Good Fuck CONTEST

Duration: 15:29; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

Welcome! Is it your first time here? I will certainly take good care of you. I know you like watching me dance in this tight outfit.. wouldn’t it look better unzipped? You relax and watch me tease, I tell you I give really good blowjob.. I do my best work on my knees. I strip and take your cock out, licking and sucking. The blowjob feels amazing and I love serving you. Would you like to fuck me? We have the backroom for.. VIP services. You agree and you get on the bed, rock hard, and I straddle you and ride in reverse. You get close to cumming to I turn around and ride you cowgirl. I tell you you can cum in me and we both cum together.

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