Lady Kara – 100 Percent Controlling Orgasm To The Breaking Point

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Imagine you’re open your eyes and you see me under you. Your body is all wrapped and you can’t move. Your dick is hard just by seeing me. I start to walk around you teasing your dick with my hands and put my sweat stocking to your mouth to hear only your moaning. I’m using my hands and fingers to touch your cock. Your dick is so hard. I know you want to cum but your Lady want to check how long you can hold on the edge. I wanna to hear your moaning begging me to cum. You feel that? Is it nice when I’m rubbing your balls with my pussy? Haha. I know if I get free your hands you will cum in one second. But you can only watch how I’m controlling your orgasm to the breaking point. Slave your dick wants to cum always when I’m touching it like for a 5 seconds. You are so easy to control. But when I see how your dick is waving when I’m touching it I will stop! Haha. Yes work with your hips but you need my hands to cum. Look in my eyes! You want to cum? You’re begging your Lady to cum? No! Haha. You’re gonna get crazy and I love that. Maybe I will tease your dick with my high heels and feet in pantyhose? I can only touch your cock with my toes a little bit longer and you will cum. You know that? Your dick wants to explode when my sexy feet are rubbing it. You want to be free? Your dick need more touching? Maybe this time I’m gonna tease you 1 second longer and see how you’re blowing your load? Haha. Look into my eyes when your cock is shooting everywhere. You want more? Yes? Move your hips when I’m riding on you like on the pony with your dick in my hands? Move! Look at my body and my breasts and move your hips. I’m gonna ruine more than one of your orgasms. Much more….

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