Kylie Star – The Confusion Game

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I derive so much satisfaction from twisting and bending your fragile mind, you may have already noticed that the deeper you fall for me the more pliable it becomes. This time I have crafted a sinister and potent session that will take you into a whole new dimension of trance. The more we learn about how the mind works, the more we discover all the little ways it avoids thinking, checks out with habits and assumptions, replacing hard questions with easy ones. An intelligent and devious Goddess might find ways to exploit these mental weaknesses to work her way deep into your mind, to insinuate her ideas and reset the patterns of your thinking to her advantage. The truth is, the more I learn, the more I realize how very much your mind wants you to be seduced. I can tell you all of this. I can explain ahead of time that I’m going play three games with you, all will seem surprisingly simple, but that the real objective of each game is to confuse your mind. To Coerce it to expend so much mental energy that it becomes exhausted and vulnerable. I can tell you my devious plan because trying to catch all of my tricks would only give you one more thing to focus upon, distracting your further. That’s right

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