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I’m Korina Kovs sister and I am shy and hide my curves under larger concealing clothes, I go into her room to see if she is home and find a mess as usual, all her lingerie is everywhere, I know what she does for a living as a cam girl but I still ask her to respect my wishes and clean up after herself, I start to clean her room and uncover a large dildo, I am shocked but put it aside and continue cleaning, next I notice her computer out and get so curious to see what she’s been up to, as soon as I open it I see a huge dick in briefs, my eyes are wide and I set the computer aside trying to resist looking Amy further but my curiosity wins and I look for more pics, I find dick pics and its the biggest cock I have seen, I start to sit back and my urges take over, I cup my breasts and rub my pussy enjoying and moaning, when I snap out of it I decide to take a cold shower, and Korina has left another dildo in the shower so I suction it to the glass and make myself cum, when I get out I collapse on Korina vanity chair, then notice a big bag of lingerie her fans have bought her, I am a lot curvier then her so everything is too small but I want to send a video message to the stranger confessing that I made myself cum to the thought of his big dick, I open the computer and start recording, I give JOI and I ride a dildo explaining that I am addicted to big dick now and he turned me into a size queen and slut.

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