Kokona Sakurai Helps Her Husband When He Comes Home from a Late Night Out

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A lovely housewife in Japan, she is alone every day doing the cooking and cleaning and making sure the house is perfect for her husband who is always busy at work. He is a newsman and has a busy life and her marriage to him is more of a show as they really both lead separate lives. Her husband is a difficult man as he sometimes comes home very off from the night before. He is so out of it that she often has to help him out of his clothes and put him to bed. This is a nice time for her as she can help him when he needs it most and he is so out of it to protest anything she might like to do to him. When he is so out of it, and she sees him on the floor as she takes off his clothes she gets what we like to call, cock hungry. She wants that cock as she has been so lonely without it. She wants his cock and she can take it now that he has no capacity to go to bed. This one morning like clockwork he has come home and is in need of her help. What she ends up doing is pulling his dick out and getting it hard so she an slide it down her throat and let him come inside her mouth. What a lovely gift that is for him.

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