Kitty Leroux – Raven And The Beast

Duration: 12:55; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

Beast Boy hears something coming from Raven’s room. She sounds like she’s in trouble. He walks in, ignoring what could be swift wrath- and finds Raven grinding against a hitachi. She’s definitely upset that he’s there…but something is off. Is that —pleasure on her face? She can’t stop herself and she doesn’t know why. “Beast Boy…ughhh…you have a boner.” At first she seems turned off, but that quickly turns to whimpering. Her mind is going back and forth and she can’t decide what she wants. ” ‘Help’? How could you possibly help me. It’s not like I want to gag on your green goblin dick or anything.” He can see right through the facade. Something is different about Raven’s usually dark, angry mind- she’s…submissive and needy as hell. He teases her and it’s absolutely humiliating, but she loves it. While she’s sucking him off, she briefly mentions dirtier thoughts she’s having before getting into an argument with herself about what she wants- tell him or not? “I…want you to change….and knot me.” Raven is a freak! Her dirtiest secret it out and she’s desperate to feel a knot inside her dripping pussy…and knows Beast Boy can change into anything he wants. He’s going to give her exactly what she wants, but not before making her write ‘KNOT SLUT’ across her thick thighs so he can see the sexy power he has over her before he fills her up with beast cum!

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