Kimber Lee – Mayors Daughter Gets Stripped and Tickled

Duration: 9:45s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BONDAGE

I came in the door yelling to see how else was home when I get a rag in my face with a chemical causing me to pass out on the floor. I wake up cuffed to a bed stripped out of my clothes, I can not get free! My knows my father is the Mayor and tells me he is gonna torture me until the Mayor paid the ransom. He starts to tickle my feet, armpits, and stomach causing me to wiggle, laugh, kick, and scream. He finally allows me to call the Mayor to tell him I being held for ransom. The mayor is on his way I tell him as he starts to tickle me with a brush on my feet and stomach. Smacking my face and pulling my hair I still try to get free until finally someone knocks on the door and the runs away before they can get in. I don’t think he ever wanted the money….

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