Kendra James – Sissy Programming

Duration: 16:30s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

You’re terrified of your true sissy nature and I’m here to recondition you and coerce you from trying to be a real man and just embrace your sissy life. You’re already dressed in slutty lingerie and a pvc dress with hot pink lip gloss and a cock cage on your clitty, so now it’s time to go deeper. Breathe from that little brown bottle and feel the rush going to your head. It makes you even more of a mindless slut than you already are. Take another breath and feel yourself getting more horny, your clitty engorging with b*lood and growing. Even through your chastity you want to stroke. Breathe deep and rub your clitty through your cage, thrust your hips and finger your slut hole. This is just the beginning of your coerced-intox and total sissy transformation and the aroma from that little brown bottle in going to make you easy to brain wash.

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