Kendall Olsen – Poor Virgin Scaredy Cat

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Hey Kendall, I have decided to go with a different virgin scaredy cat idea. Let me go into detail about what you did to me this time (off camera). You decided that all the ways to get me out of my shell was not working. I still closed up and would not wave to you or say anything. I was still very shy when I saw you in public. You did not like that the efforts to get me to open up were not working, so you took drastic action. You had a fuck buddy with a huge dick ki.d.nap me and take me to your house to tie me up and watch you and him fuck. Poor virgin scaredy cat had to watch you have sex with someone else, who is better than him at probably everything. When you two were done, you had him take me back to my house- where he threw me in there like a piece of trash. Virgin scaredy cat was reminded of all the times that he felt insecure and left out. He does not understand why you would make him feel even more insignificant. Virgin scaredy cat is in tears and feels like a real piece of Then, virgin scaredy cat sees that you made him another video after you and your fuck buddy were done. (So this is the where the video starts) Basically it would be POV kissing, body s.m.oth.ering and everything else (including the camera being on your side upshots while you are standing up) but you are actually really nice to the virgin scaredy cat in the video but aggressive. You felt that you had to this to him, to humiliate him to bring him out of his shell. You did not like that I was deeply hurt and a.b.used by your fuck buddy but you had no choice. You are making this video to cheer him up and sexually arouse him. Also, he will have to wave to you and talk to you out in public. You are also f.o.rcing him to meet up with you at a certain place and time. If I do not show up, then you will just have a different fuck buddy come get me. Also, the virgin scaredy cat does not know why you are putting so much time into someone who never even been kissed- Goddess Kendall tells him not to ask questions.

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