Kelly Payne – Breast Milk Bonding Time with Mommy

Duration: 17:55s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: MILF, VIRTUAL SEX

You’ve invited yourself into mom’s bed knowing she’ll be home soon from her date with her boyfriend. You hear her come in and overhear her arguing with him, you stay silent and still. She climbs into bed and notices you rather quickly, you ask if she’s okay and what happen. Seems like she just broke up with her boyfriend, but she seems more than happy you’re here. You both will always be there for one another. You ask to breastfeed, and she is happy to share her engorged breasts with you. They’re always so full of milk and she loves when you help drain them. After nursing from her breasts, she notices your boner and reaches down and strokes you. She then has you climb on top of her while she continues to spray her milk covering you both, she then has you lay down and rides you until you cum inside of her. Laying back down together, cuddling, and nursing a bit more before mom excuses herself for a nice hot shower.

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