Kelle Martina – Routine Checkup

Duration: 16:55s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

Isn’t it nice that I’m also a doctor? It’s time for your routine check-up, sweetie. I’m going to make sure that you are in tip top physical health so that you can play football this year! It’s totally normal to be aroused when I check you between your legs, however, I’ve been going through your internet activity and I know you’ve been spying on me. You’ll need to ejaculate in order to finish my exam. I strip out of my lab coat to reveal my sexy red lingerie. You’ve never seen me in anything like this and it gives you a raging hardon! It’s not long before you cum, but I’m not finished with your exam. I give you a prostate exam next and it arouses you all over again. I milk your prostate and encourage you, but get a little rougher. When you focus on my tits, I make you cum. Since you admitted to spying on me, I will have to give you a punishment. Do you see my big strap-on? I’m going to fuck you very hard with it! Yell and struggle all you want, no one can hear you. This is your strap-on punishment.


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