Kaho Miyazaki Gives Some One on One Instruction After School

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The ultimate sexual fantasy for a boy is to have a sexy older woman teach him the art of making love. He spends his time day dreaming in class about that hot teacher and imagining her taking him in the back and sliding his pants off and pulling his throbbing cock out to suck on. He imagines she would slide her hands up and down his shaft and caress his balls as well as he looked down at her lovely face. And what if this day dream happened at the end of the day when all other students had gone home and the other teachers as well. And if this were true that would mean that the teacher would have the time and freedom to slide his cock into her hungry mouth. She could hold his balls in her hand while she sucked and licked his hard shaft. She would enjoy that dick deep in her mouth she would get so excited at a young man’s dick in her mouth that she would want something in return so would undo her top and pull her breasts out for him to look at and touch as well. And of course this would turn her on even more and she would reach down her spread legs and search for her twenty year old pussy that was not sopping wet as she dreamed of this hard cock sliding into her hole. This is the story of Kaho Miyazaki as she gives some one on one instruction after school to a dumb dumb in her class. And this lovely story ends with Kaho Miyazaki sucking down a mouthful of hot cum.

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