KACIE Fall Into My Eyes – Intoxicating Dream Trance

Duration: 18:9s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

“Will you do something for me? Such a simple thing. Just look into my eyes, these beautiful eyes and… breathe… deeply. Enjoy the sensations. The pleasure. The euphoria.” Kacie’s dazzling eyes will pull you down into a relaxed trance state, falling endlessly while you stroke your dick to the beat of her words. Fixate and lose yourself in her escalating beauty, unable to break free of her unflinching stare and gentle induction. Take her gaze. It makes you weak. Welcome her control. Breathe deep on command and feel your mind spiral down into erotic bliss. So intoxicating. There can be no escape. She will strip the world away until her face becomes your entire existence. Deeply resting. Dreaming. No concept of time. A loop of intimate pleasure and intense orgasms. You could be falling into those eyes for all eternity. Features subtle audio and visual effects to enhance your experience.

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