K the Police Fetish 1080p – Daniela Hansson, Jordan

Duration: 51:51; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: HANDJOBS

This is a hard inquisition… Daniela is waiting for a confession, but you don´t talk… Daniela is very angry and asks her Trainee Jordan for the execution… they offer a deal: they stroke your cock for a while… if you can resist, you are free… if not, it´s a full confession and you go to jail… Jordan is a bit dangerous, because nobody knows, not either Daniela, that she has an extrem fetish for jerking cock… she loves to do this for hours without a break… anyway they start working on your poor dick, sometimes they stop short before the cumshot (probably they want to turture you a bit), sometimes they make a short break… – but while Daniela is leaving the room, Jordan immediately continues stroking your meat… during this time she let your cock cum twice, two unbearable forced ejaculation… Jordan ask you (with special emphasis), better not to tell this Daniela, otherwise… you know… finally after Daniela wants to see a result, they make you cum a third time… you squirt between the soft palms of Daniela´s cruel sexy hands… now it´s clear: you are guilty and they will send you to jail… and… Jordan will be your personal(!) guard…

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