Jessica Starling – Teaching You to Dominate Me

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Tell your student he’s going to take private tutoring classes from you from now on if he wants to pass your class. Those tutoring sessions will all focus on teaching him how to punish, humiliate, and own you. Tell him about the harshest punishments you’ve endured and that you expect him do that and worse offering to pay him to use you. Start off in an elegant dress but your new dress code will only be a collar, clamps, and butt plug. At the end of the year, if he passes your class, he gets to own you permanently – show him that you’ll turn over all your money, your house, and all your other belongings to your new young master. Pull on your clamps and slap yourself on face, tits and pussy throughout. Put a dildo in your pussy before putting your panties on over your stuffed holes and get dressed before you preview tomorrow’s lesson plan and leave.

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