Jessi B – New Year New You

Duration: 10:18s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, HUMILIATION

With a new year I bet you think this is your opportunity to be a better person. You can eat better, work out, learn to be more social, make friends, work hard for that promotion, even get a make over! A new year must mean it is time for a new you. Here;s the kicker, you might think there can become someone new but the truth is that a loser like you STAYS a loser forever! There is no changing, you’re stuck like this forever. A new year? That’s just another year of you being the same old stupid idiot loser. I would love to see how long it lasts, you will fall right back into the same old routine and nothing will ever change. Women will still laugh at you, you will still be a doormat, and you will always be a loser! Year after year after year it will continue and nothing will ever change!

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