Jerk & Spurt 1080p – Worship Violet Doll

Duration: 17:48; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

It’s time to jerk for Me again. I know that excites you. I know it feels so right, every time I allow you to touch yourself for Me. You never want to jerk without Me, do you? And you don’t have to. Why would you? I provide you with all the material you need to jerk & spurt for Me.

Sure, I enjoy denying you. Keeping you edge is much more entertaining then allowing you to cum. But every once in a while I guess I gotta let you blow. And today is your lucky day.

So go ahead, horny fuck. Buy this clip, whip it out, lube it up nice and slick while I provide you with perfect visuals. The best guidance you could possibly ask for.

Feel Me deep in your cock and balls controlling every movement, every stroke. Squeezing you tight, jerking your soul right out of your dick. Milking it out of you & making you Mine. When you jerk it’s really all about Me, isn’t it? The thrill of masturbating for a superior dominant woman. Stroking for your Succubus, your Queen. It’s all about Me. My world. My rules.

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