Jade Jordan – USPS Mail Carrier Fucked Through Donut

Duration: 57:14; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ANAL, XXX HARDCORE

A real postal worker, Kiyanna, is anxious for an opportunity to spend time with her favorite customer, Ken; so, she gives him a visit. Upon her mail-delivery route, she discovers he hasn’t been attending to his mail for over a week, so she goes to check on him. She bangs on his door, and to her surprise, he answers right away. They begin conversing, which turns into flirting. It’s obvious for Ken that Kiyanna is interested in him; especially because when delivering his packages, Kiyanna presented him with a special gift. Without trying to come across as rude, Ken plays it cool. She leaves, and he reflects on how long he’s been looking for a friend. He darts out of the door to catch up with Kiyanna before she leaves the premise. When he finds her, she’s outside reading a journal. Ken interrupts her for a quick convo, before bringing her back upstairs. He finally brings her back up to his apartment, saying he wants to both give her something to eat and help her unwind, after a long day’s work. They head upstairs, and once inside, words and interests come up. Ken really loves feet and asks Kiyanna to see her soles. She agrees with one condition. This condition is that she must oil them first. Ken grabs the oil, and to her surprise, what she thought was oil was actually a mix that doubles as both lube and oil. Using silky smooth Spunk Natural Lube was the best way to get her feet oiled. She teases him and asks if he can come closer to spend time with her. Things escalate quickly.

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